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SATREPS Logo Download

PDF and GIF versions of the SATREPS logo can be downloaded from this page.

Download SATREPS Logo (PDF format)

Download the PDF version of the SATREPS logo from the following link.

How to copy a logo from the PDF file
・Open the PDF file and zoom in on the logo you want to copy until it is displayed at the desired size.
・Use the Snapshot tool (camera icon) to drag a marquee around the logo.
・This will copy the selected area to the clipboard so that it can be pasted into an authoring program for further handling. (When using logos in posters and other large formats, make sure to zoom in on the logo to get it to the appropriate size before copying it.)

Download SATREPS Logo (GIF format)



SATREPS Banner (English/Japanese)

  • SATREPS_english
  • SATREPS_japanese

[ How to download ]
• For Windows User
Right-click on the image you want and select "Save target as."
• For Mac User
Click on the image while pressing CTRL key and select "Save image as."