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Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

Principal Investigator (Affiliation)
  • SDGs13
(Graduate School of Social Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology)
Research Institutions in Japan Nagoya Institute of Technology
Research Institutions in Thailand Chulalongkorn University
Adoption fiscal year FY 2017
Research Period 5 Years
ODA Recipient Country Kingdom of Thailand
General Description of the Research Project Thailand, while having emerged as a progressively important production and logistics hub in Southeast Asia, is exposed to rapidly increasing disaster risk that arises from intensifying climate change. This project aims to improve the disaster resilience of Thailand’s industrial agglomerates by implementing the Area Business Continuity Management (Area BCM) framework. Specifically, the following systems are established and operated to develop an information-sharing and decision-making mechanism that can be commonly used by stakeholders in major industrial parks: 1) a disaster risk monitoring/assessment system; 2) an information sharing system with establishing an analytical approach for Business Impact Analysis (BIA); and 3) an Area-BCM system. These functions are integrated into a standardized tool kit so as to ensure interoperability, complement the limitations of individual BCM frameworks, and enhance disaster resilience of the entire region. Furthermore, an attempt is made to rollout the Area-BCM framework to other ASEAN countries connected through supply chains and form a broad-area investment cycle as a means to address disaster risk.
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