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Principal Investigator (Affiliation)
  • SDGs14
  • SDGs10
WADA Masaaki
(School of Systems Information Science, Future University Hakodate)
Research Institutions in Japan Future University Hakodate
Research Institutions in Indonesia Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia
Adoption fiscal year FY 2016
Research Period 5 Years
ODA Recipient Country Republic of Indonesia
General Description of the Research Project This project aims to realize rural sustainability, a priority policy of the Government of Indonesia, by providing ICT support to Indonesia’s mariculture (refers to as an eco-friendly aquaculture), and to contribute to the stable supply of marine products on a global scale. Although Indonesia’s mariculture holds high potential, there are several problems, i.e. mass mortality of marine life and/or destruction of environment, and the stabilization of productivity and environmental conservation are urgent concerns. By collecting both natural and social environmental factors under the collaboration research with Indonesia’s Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, this project will build the mariculture big-data and conduct numerical and statistical analyses to advance the mariculture industry in Indonesia. Furthermore, the economic independence and living conditions of fishing villages will be enhanced by fostering technical advisors as leaders in the community, through the training given by an e-learning system to be developed by this project. Implementation of improvement activities for the community by advancing mariculture is expected to yield the creation of jobs and contribute to poverty reduction in rural areas. After the completion of this project, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries will manage and operate the system to achieve social implementation in the economic development. The companies in this project will also apply the system to the other developing countries to realize sustainability of fishery industry and rural developments in South East Asia.
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