FIRST Development and Application of an Atomic-resolution Holography Electron Microscope

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R&D Organization Chart

R&D Organization Chart


Hitachi, Ltd.

Fellow Akira Tonomura (deceased)  
"Central Research Laboratory"
General Manager Nobuyuki Osakabe  
Project Leader Hiroyuki Shinada  
Chief Engineer Hiroshi Toyama  
Senior Researcher Yoshio Takahashi  
Senior Researcher Takeshi Kawasaki  
Senior Researcher Akira Sugawara  
Senior Researcher Tsutomu Hara  
Senior Researcher Naruo Watanabe  
Senior Researcher Tomokazu Shimakura  
Senior Engineer Tadao Furutsu  
Senior Engineer Hiroaki Mogaki  
Expert Engineer Isao Matsui (deceased)  
Expert Engineer Toshio Onai  
Expert Engineer Teiji Katsuta  
Researcher Keigo Kasuya  
Researcher Shiano Ono  
Researcher Nobuyuki Maki  
Engineer Tetsuya Akashi  
Engineer Makoto Arai  
Engineer Masaru Ozawa  
Engineer Tadashi Kanosue  
Engineer Noboru Moriya  
Engineer Koji Kanasugi  
Engineer Manabu Shirai  
Engineer Hironobu Higo  
Technical Staff Mitsugu Kobayashi  
Assistant Kaori Oguma  
"FIRST Support Project, Planning Office, Central Research Laboratory"
Project Leader Yasushi Goto  
Technical Staff Kimi Matsuyama  

RIKEN (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research), RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science (CEMS)

"Emergent Phenomena Observation Technology Research Team, Quantum Information Electronics Division"
Team Leader Daisuke Shindo  
Senior Research Scientist Hyun Soon Park  
Collaborative Researcher Toshiaki Tanigaki  
Technical Staff Shinji Aizawa  
Research Assistant (part-timer) Keiko Shimada  
Visiting Researcher Yasukazu Murakami (Associate Professor at Tohoku Univ.)
Visiting Researcher Zentaro Akase (Assistant Professor at Tohoku Univ.)

JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency)

Research Support Coordinator Akio Ishida  
Department of Research Project Tsuyoshi Nakamura  
Department of Research Project Yoshizumi Sakamoto  
Department of Research Project Kanehide Ibayashi  
Department of Research Project Takeshi Oyama  
Project Coordinator Tsuyoshi Matsuda  
Project Coodinator Yoshimasa A. Ono  
Technician Yuri Tamura  

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