FIRST Development and Application of an Atomic-resolution Holography Electron Microscope

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Project progress

Assembly of the Main Components of the Electron Microscope Completed


We completed the assembly of the main components of the electron microscope in June 2012.
Electron beams emitted from the electron gun placed at the top of the electron microscope successfully reached the detection camera placed at the bottom of the electron microscope.
We are going to increase the accelration voltage up to 1.2 MV and to install and adjust the aberration correctors for comletion of the electron microscope.

  • Front view of the electron microscope

  • Column of the electron microscope

  • Tanks for generating high voltage (1.2 MV) with high stability and control signals, and for supplying them to the electron gun

  • Console and displays for controlling the electron microscope


Installation of the Cylindrical Cage with Anti-vibration Mounts


In order to observe phenomenon at the atomic level, external vibration must be prevented from being transmitted to the atomic-resolution holography electron microscope. So a damper is installed on the floor of the building to create a vibration-proof mount, and the microscope is mounted on top of the damper. This clip shows the installation of the cylindrical cage with anti-vibration mounts.

Testing of the High-voltage Cable


A 1.2 megavolt high-voltage cable connects the high-voltage power supply and the electron microscope. To check the withstand voltage, ultrahigh-voltage inspection equipment is used to apply 1.3 megavolts to the cable.

Installation of the High-voltage Cable


This electron microscope is connected to a high-voltage power supply by a 1.2 megavolt high-voltage cable.
This clip shows delivery of the cable from the manufacturer and how it is connected to the electron microscope.

Assembly and Inspection of the Vacuum Pump System


A vacuum is required inside electron microscopes, so a very large vacuum pumping system is required for the atomic-resolution holography electron microscope.
This clip shows assembly and test operation of the vacuum pumping system.

Mechanical Alignment of Electron Microscope Column


Electron microscopes have many lenses and apertures.
Unless these parts are properly assembled and centered (central axis), the electron beam emitted from the electron gun does not reach the bottom .