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Masaru Kitsuregawa 喜連川 優
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Having finished laboratory experiments with an early prototype of the new-type database engine, the research group is now engaged in the next stage: toward the design and implementation of fullfledged software.
Cutting-Edge IT to Mine Nuggets of Information from Vast, Ever-Growing Mountains of Information (Big Data)
Develop software ? based on the new computing paradigm of out-of-order execution ? that can process vast amount of data at high speed. Use this software to create new social services.

Information is meaningless unless you can use it. Our technologies enable the fast and flexible analysis of vast amounts of data to create new services for society! We are witnessing the emergence of new social and personal services that will be based on massive amounts of data, e.g., intelligent transportation, personalized medicine, smart electricity grid. These services have the potential to greatly improve many aspects of our lives if this flood of real-world data from the Internet and sensor networks can be thoughtfully and thoroughly analyzed. We see this processing, filtering, and distribution of useful information as analogous to the generation and distribution of energy e.g., electricity. Just like energy, information needs to be collected and concentrated to be useful and move the economy. We call this useful and concentrated form of information Info-Energy. The challenge in the realization of the emergent services is the high cost and latency of conventional databases when processing the massive amounts of data.

The "Info-Energy Generator": a platform to create value from super-large databases Our project is building a new Info-Energy Generator to process sensor and other massive data at a much faster rate than conventional software and databases. The key idea of the Info-Energy Generator is the out-of-order execution principle. It will serve as the platform for the development of vertical data analysis software, on which the new services are based. Concretely, we are building a demonstration system for the next generation strategic social and personal services (generically called cyberphysical services) that will be able to process vast amount of data and create useful Info-Energy.

Cyber-Physical Service