After the JIEW, JST received many offers for personnel exchange from different countries and requests for consultation on business-academia collaboration.

Survey Result

Favorable Response

  • A wonderful opportunity to get to know about JST and to meet representatives of funding agencies from all over the world.
  • Properly proportioned number of participants from funding agencies in different countries.
  • Well-balanced program activities. Good selection of presenters and presentations.
  • A great opportunity to find the direction to proceed and to gain valuable experience.
  • The seminars by program officers were also very interesting.
  • Especially interested in the issues that both the U.S. and Japan face and also different research program management models.
  • Could gain detailed and comprehensive information about JST projects and Japan's policies for the science and technology.
  • Considering this is the first time, the whole event was very well done.
  • Impressed with the fact that all presentations were done by young JST staff members in English.
  • Could receive useful information from the sources such as JSPS and NEDO.
  • Enjoyed visiting Innovation Plaza Kyoto and the city of Kyoto.
  • Learned about not only the activities of JST but also Japanese funding agencies, NSF and NIH.
  • Well organized and prepared program. Management was also good.
  • JST staff members were all very cooperative. Could solve various issues.
  • It was an excellent idea to let many young JST staff members make presentations.
  • A good program and system to seek new cooperative relationships. Expect it will be held continually.

Suggestions for Improvement

  • Many presentations did not meet the specific needs of participants.
  • Too many presentations in a day.
  • Better to reduce the number of presentation and set aside time for participants to organize information.
  • Make time for interactive meetings in small groups by reducing the number of presentation.
  • In the Q&A session, some issues were not drilled down enough.

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