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YASHIMA Super-structured Helix
Research Director: Dr. Eiji Yashima
(Professor Department of Molecular Design and Engineering Nagoya Univ.)
Research Term 2002-2007
Outline of Research Results

 The Super-structured Helix project is aiming to create many new helical polymers and oligomers with potential functionality involving molecular recognition (discrimination), catalytic activity (catalyst), and self-replication or information storage with implications for biological helicity, superstructures, and their sophisticated functions. The artificial single-handed double helices consisting of complementary strands have been synthesized, which provide an important step toward breaking a monopoly of nature and will lead to a fully artificial self-replication system. The direct observations of helical structures in artificial helical polymers by scanning probe microscopy, an important and urgent objective in this project, have also been attained.


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