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TAKAYANAGI Osteonetwork
Research Director: Hiroshi Takayanagi
Professor, Department of Cell Signaling, Graduate School, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Research Term 2009-2014
Outline of Research

  Bone has been traditionally regarded as a part of the skeletal and locomotor system, but recent studies suggest that bone regulates systemic biological functions such as the immune reaction in response to environmental stress. In this project, an effort will be made to reveal the molecular mechanisms underlying the interaction of the bone with other biological systems, including the immune system, and uncover the regulatory network governed by the bone, named Osteonetwork, which elucidation may impact fundamental understanding in vertebrate biology. The findings of this project will help creating the novel framework for biological understanding as well as providing a molecular basis for future pharmacological intervention into a variety of human diseases.

Research Director
Hiroshi Takayanagi

Research Groups
Osteonetwork  Analysis
Group Leader:
 Takako Koga
 Yusuke Nagai
 Eriko Sumiya
Research assistant:
 Ayano Yamamura
 Yu Ogihara
 Yasuko Oguri

Group Leader:
 Kazuo Okamoto
Research assistant:
 Chizuru Tsuda
 Noriko Otsuka
 Takako Kato

Osteocyte and Mouse Genetics
Group Leader:
 Tomoki Nakashima
 Mikihito Hayashi
Research assistant:
 Tomomi Suda
 Tomomi Ando
 Sayaka Fukuse
 Tsuzumi Honda

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