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Matrix Genomics Group
Research Strategy
  Basal laminae play important roles in controlling the epithelial cell proliferation and differentiation since they present the extracellular environment directly contacting parenchyma (epithelium). We aim to clarify the regulatory mechanism involved in the expression of laminin family proteins, the major components of basal laminae, and develop methods for overproduction of laminins. We also aim to clarify the mechanism whereby basal laminae control the proliferation/differentiation of epithelial cells, through analyzing the molecular basis of signals from laminins using microarray-based expression profiling.

Staff Members
Group Leader Yoshitaka Hayashi
Researcher Hironobu Fujiwara
Research Assistant Noriko Sanzen
Tomomi Emoto
Charles N. Weber
Address of
Research Laboratory
Annex to Aichi Medical University 21 Yazako-karimata, Nagakute Aichi 480-1195
Phone:0561-64-2772 Fax:0561-64-2773

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Exploratory Research for Advanced Technology 
創造科学技術推進事業 ERATO