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Matrix Signalling Group
Research Strategy
  The organization of individual cells into tissues leads to stable cell functions and tissue structure. Each organ shows characteristic structure and possesses its own function. Tissue organization is mediated by factors regulating the extracellular environment, such as extracellular matrices (ECMs) and cell adhesion macromolecules. The differences between ECM components and their functions among various organs result in characteristic organ structure and function.
  To understand the extracellular environment regulating organogenesis, we initially establish the spaciotemporal ECM profile for each organ. We then identify the essential ECM factors to regulate characteristic organ structure and function, and determine the functional mechanism.

Staff Members
Group Leader Daiji Kiyozumi
Researcher Daiji Kiyozumi
Aki Osada
Research Assistant Nagisa Sugimoto
Address of
Research Laboratory
Annex to Aichi Medical University 21 Yazako-karimata, Nagakute Aichi 480-1195
Phone:0561-64-2772 Fax:0561-64-2773

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Exploratory Research for Advanced Technology 
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