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Matrix Engineering Group
Research Strategy
  Expression of cellular functions and organization of cell structure are controlled by a combination of extracellular matrices and various soluble growth factors. In order to design an extracellular environment controlling cellular proliferation and differentiation in vitro as well as in vivo, we are developing novel technologies including construction of “built-in type” extracellular matrices in which soluble factors are combined artificially using genetic engineering technologies. These artificial matrices may be useful for tissue repair and treatment of various diseases including cancer metastases. We have succeeded in producing a built-in growth factor covalently assembled in extracellular matrices and found that it is more potent than the natural growth factor in promoting wound healing.

Staff Members
Group Leader Ri-ichiroh Manabe
Researcher Tomohiko Fukuda
Ko Tsutsui
Research Assistant Itsuko Nakano
Mina Kimura
Yasuko Oguri
Keiko Shimamoto
Chisei Shimono
Address of
Research Laboratory
Annex to Aichi Medical University 21 Yazako-karimata, Nagakute Aichi 480-1195
Phone:0561-64-2772 Fax:0561-64-2773

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Exploratory Research for Advanced Technology 
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