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SHIMODA Nano-Liquid Process
Research Director: Dr. Tatsuya Shimoda
Research Term 2006-2011
Outline of Research

  Today’s IT society in the world depends on the development of high-tech electronic devices such as semiconductors. Although the technical level of the high-tech industry seems to have extremely enhanced, the efficiency of energy and resource use remains at quite low levels. Accordingly, there is a great need to make drastic improvements in energy and resource conservation for the protection of environment, and the development of global-scale science and technology.

  In order to solve these problems, the SHIMODA Nano-Liquid Process Project group aims to establish technology for direct fabrication of nano electronic devices using a solution technique. Therefore, we analyze the nano structure and properties of the liquid or solute to develop a new discipline of nano material transfer science using intermolecular force, and create a new nano structural liquid. In other words, we bring out the potential of solutions which show promise for the fabrication of solids. We will further our research for fabrication of nano electronic devices based on the scientific knowledge that we have obtained.

Research Director
Dr. Tatsuya Shimoda
Research Groups
Theoretical research
Group Leader:
 Dam Hieu Chi
 Masatoshi Onoue
PDE research
Group Leader:
 Eisuke Tokumitsu
 Jinwang Li
 Bui Nguyen Quoc Trinh
 Takaaki Miyasako
 Toshihiko Kaneda
 Hirokazu Tsukada
Material research
Group Leader:
 Yasuo Matsuki
 Zhongron Shen
 Ryou Kawajiri
 Takashi Masuda
 Hideyuki Takagishi
 Daohai Wang
Research Advisor
Senior Research Advisor

Project Office
ISHIKAWA Science Park 2-5-3, Asahi-dai, Nomi
Ishikawa 923-1211, JAPAN
Research Manager
Administrative Manager
Phone: +81 (0) 761 51 5800
FAX: +81 (0) 761 51 5889

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