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Implicit sensorymotor control
Research Strategy
 One of the purposes of this group is to reveal the mechanism of implicit quick and autonomous sensorimotor programming and control in human behavior. Since these sensorimotor behaviors frequently have interactions with higher human cognitive functions and tightly coupled with human motor learning, we will focus on the top-down and bottom-up interactions, and prediction and postdiction interactions in these information processing. The approaches include visuomotor/somatomotor psychophysics, electrophysiology, brain imaging, and computational modeling. The other purpose is to show directions of these applications. The research results will be fruitful for the diagnoses of decline and disease in brain sensorimotor processing, development of the new methods of recovery and reinforcement training, and designs of new man-machine interfaces.

Staff Members
Group Leader Hiroaki Gomi
Researcher Koji Kadota
Research Assistant Ai Muramatsu
Address of
Research Laboratory
NTT Atsugi Research and Development Center 3-1,
Morinosatowakamiya, Atsugi-shi,Kanagawa 243-0198, Japan
Phone : 046-290-5615
FAX : 046-248-2911

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