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ERATO International
SUEMATSU Gas Biology
Research Director: Makoto Suematsu
Keio University,School of Medicine
Research Term 2009-2014
Research Director: Gregg L. Semenza
Johns Hopkins University,Institute for Cell Engineering
Outline of Research

  Diverse physiologic actions of gases such as O2, NO, CO, CO2, H2S have attracted great interests, while mechanisms for the gas reception and their roles for regulating biological systems as a whole remain largely unknown. Recent observations unveiled by metabolome analysis suggest that rate-limiting enzymes of major metabolic pathways with metal-centered prosthetic groups might sense gases and trigger post-translational modification of macromolecules, suggesting their crucial roles for stress-responsive adaptation involving management of energy metabolism and tissue repair and remodeling. Overcoming technical difficulties to mine receptors for gases, to visualize gas-mediated signaling events in vivo and to examine their effects on metabolic systems deserves further studies to utilize outcomes of Gas Biology for medicine. This proposal challenges to dissect the gas-responsive mechanisms for bioregulation through multidisciplinary approaches involving advanced imaging massspectrometry, nanobiotechnology, computational biosimulation and development of genetically engineered humanized animal platforms with multimodal intravital microscopy.

Research Director
Makoto Suematsu

Research Groups
Chemical biology core
Group Leader:
 Yasuaki Kabe
 Tatsuya Yamamoto
 Yasuhito Tokumoto
Research assistant :
 Kazumi Muraoka
Bio imaging core
Group Leader:
 Mayumi Kajimura
 Yoshinori Yukutake
Research assistant :
 Yoshiko Naito
 Tomomi Matsuura
Medical application core
Group Leader:
 Yoji Andrew Minamishima
 Naoharu Takano
 Tadashi Horiuchi
Research assistant :
 Kyoko Ishiwata

Project Office
Keio University,North Annex,
35 Shinano-machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo,JAPAN
Research Manager: Tadashi Horiuchi 
Administrative Manager:
 Akio Honma
 Chizuko Saiga
Phone: +81 (0) 3 6457 8321
FAX: +81 (0) 3 6457 8328

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