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NAKAJIMA Designer Nanocluster Assembly
Research Director: Atsushi Nakajima
Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University
Research Term 2009-2014
Outline of Research

  Nanoclusters the size range of 1- 10 nm can be regarded as the smallest and tunable function units, and we will explore to newly design the cluster-based, nanoassembled functional systems. We focus to establish new nano-material science consisting of nanoclusters through fine controlled synthesis, designer assembly, characterization of advanced functional nanoclusters. In particular, we focus metal atom-encapsulated silicon cage clusters and organometallic sandwich clusters, and also to characterize their electronic properties. With uniform immobilization of the nanoclusters with the aid of self-assembled monolayers, the electronic and optical properties of the formed cluster material are investigated, and a new electronic- and optomagneto-nanodevices consisting of functional nanoclusters are developed.

Research Director
Atsushi Nakajima
Research Groups
Fine Control Large-scale Synthesis Group Leader:
 Hironori Kadoyama
Reserach Assistant:
 Yumiko Nomoto
Characterization of Advanced Function Group Leader:
 Toyoaki Eguchi
 Masahiro Shibuta
 Takeshi Iwasa
 Masato Nakatani
Nanodevice Creation Group Leader:
 Yoshio Watanabe
 Hideka Tsunemi

Project Office
3-2-1 Sakado Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki, 213-0012, Japan
Kanagawa Science Park (KSP)
Rm.504, 5F, East Wing

Research Manager
Kazuhiko Tamaki
Administrative Manager
Yousuke Fukushima
Yuriko Kobayashi
Phone: +81 (0) 44 299 9061
FAX: +81 (0) 44 299 9062

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