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KOSHIHARA Non-equilibrium Dynamics
Research Director: Dr. Shin-ya Koshihara
(Professor Department of Chemistry and Materials Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology / Frontier Collaborative Research Center Tokyo Institute of Technology, professor)
Research Term 2003-2008
Strategic Sector
The research that developed the material with the new features included such as super-high-speed aspect switches by using "Nonequilibrium state" of the material was done. A big result that discovers the development indicator of the electric swerve element material of a super-high-speed, optical switch material based on the optical generation phase transition of the organic charge-transfer complex and free lead has been achieved so far. Moreover, it is thought that special development is brought to the entire materials science according to the word of "To see is to believe" if "Movement" of a quantum particle and the groups such as atoms and electrons is observed directly. Then, the quantum beam technology of the synchrotron radiation facilities was combined with a super-high-speed, optical technology of the picosecond domain to capture the movement of the electron and the atom that changed and responded to the extraneous stimulus at high speed, and construction and the technology used of new "Super-high-speed, molecular animation observation device" were developed. The clarification of a transformation in the protein molecule according to the movement of the physiology revitalization gas molecule the domino knocking down and the clarification of the dynamics of the photochemical reaction when the solution mesne, etc. achieve the big result with this device besides the optical generation phase transition phenomenon clarification of new series [shitsugun] that is called a strongly-correlated system.


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