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KOIKE Photonics Polymer
Research Director: Dr. Yasuhiro Koike
(Professor, Faculty of Science & Technology, Keio University)
Research Term 2000-2005
Outline of Research Results
 It has been thought that polymers are not suitable for applications in the next generation photonics, in which higher function of materials is required, because little is known about the relation between optical properties of polymers and its morphology. The objective of KOIKE PHOTONICS POLYMER PROJECT is to create the ideal photonics polymers by designing molecular and higher structures of polymers based on detail investigation of physical and chemical fundamentals of scattering, refraction, absorption, dispersion, stimulated emission, and so on in the polymers from Optics and Materials Science.

Outline of Research

 In this project, molecular design of novel photonics polymers, creation of optical function of the novel photonics polymers, investigation of optical phenomena in the novel photonics polymers for the optical function, and application of the novel photonics polymers to optical devices are conducted by the molecular designing group, the new functional material systems group and the application group with collaborating each other. Regarding the optical function, optical transmission (polymer optical fibers; POF), stimulated emission (fiber lasers and amplifiers), maintain of polarization state and scattering are main subjects. In the molecular design, creation of the ideal photonics polymer for the POF based on the detail investigation of the conventional fluorinated polymers is the most important target.

 Research described above will provide fundamentals of science which enable us to fairly evaluate the polymers as photonics materials, and basic principle of designing the photonics polymers with higher functions. As a practical example of the creation of optical function, more than 10 Gbps-data transmission by the POF is expected.



Research Director
Dr. Yasuhiro Koike
(Professor, Faculty of Science & Technology, Keio University)
Research Groups
The molecular designing
Group Leader:
 Takaaki Ishigure
Senior Research Advisor:
 Yoshiyuki Okamoto
 Dr. Yu Yang
Research Support Personnel:
 Prof. Bruce Garetz
 Dr. Frantisek Mikes
Research Assistant:
 Miwa Kaneko
 Mie Iimori
 Mayumi Kishida
The new functional material systems
Group Leader:
 Dr. Akihiro Tagaya
 Atsushi Kondo
 Hisanori Ohkita
Research assistant:
 Kenji Makino

The application
Group Leader:
 Keiji Uehara
 Nobuhiro Ohtsu
Research Advisor
Senior Research Advisor

Project Office
E-building, K2 Town-Campus, 144-8 Ogura, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki 212-0054
Research Manager
Administrative Manager

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