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The molecular designing group
Research Strategy
  The molecular designing group conducts design and synthesis of the novel polymers. The obtained novel polymers are characterized mostly in the process of endowing the novel polymer with the optical function. The next molecular design is conducted based on results of the characterization. Especially, the molecular design of novel polymers for the POF is conducted based on the detail investigation of the conventional fluorinated polymers.

Staff Members
Group Leader Takaaki Ishigure
Senior Research Advisor Yoshiyuki Okamoto
Researcher Dr. Yu Yang
Research Support
Prof. Bruce Garetz
Dr. Frantisek Mikes
Research Assistant Miwa Kaneko
Mie Iimori
Assistant Mayumi Kishida
Address of
Research Laboratory
Rogers Hall 8th Floor at Polytechnic University 6 Metrotech Center Brooklyn NY, 11201
TEL +1-718-260-3638 , FAX +1-718-260-3508

JST 過去のお知らせはこちら ERATO
Exploratory Research for Advanced Technology 
創造科学技術推進事業 ERATO