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Constrcutive Biology Group -Experiment
Research Strategy
 We construct an experimental system, as minimum as possible, to capture basic properties of life, such as replication, adaptation, differentiation, symbiosis, and so forth. The topics cover the construction of artificial replicating liposome with internal protein synthesis, artificial adaptation and differentiation with embedded gene network in bacteria, relevance of phenotype fluctuations to evolution and symbiosis.

Staff Members
Group Leader Tetsuya Yomo
Researcher Yoichiro Ito
Hiroshi Kita
Junya Ichinose
Takeshi Sunami
Tetsuo Ichii
Address of
Research Laboratory
Osaka University
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
2-1 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871, JAPAN
Fax: (+81)-6-6879-7433

JST 過去のお知らせはこちら ERATO
Exploratory Research for Advanced Technology 
創造科学技術推進事業 ERATO