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Igarashi Design Interface
Research Director: Dr. Takeo Igarashi
The University of Tokyo, Associate Professor
Research Term 2007-2012
Outline of Research

  Almost everything we use in our daily life today is a commodity bought at a store and our life is made possible by ”consuming” these commodities. However, living a life just by “consuming” given information and goods is very sad. We believe that real humane life should be a life where people “create” something only he or she can create as a part of self-expression and “share” it with others as a evidence of his or her existence.

  The goal of this project is to develop computational systems that cultivate people’s creativity by supporting their self-expression in the form of digital media and real-world entities. To that end, we develop innovative software technologies that help people to achieve the following three goals: (1) to create sophisticated visual expression such as three-dimensional computer graphics and animations, (2) to design their own real-world, everyday objects such as clothing and furniture, and (3) to design the behavior of their personal robots to satisfy their particular needs.

Research Director
Dr. Takeo Igarashi
Research Groups
Technologies for media authoring Group Leader:
 Takeo Igarashi
 Myung Geol Choi
 Jun Kato
 Shigeo Yoshida
 Daiki Yamanaka
 Ryoma Kawajiri
 Seung Tak Noh
Technologies for desining everyday objects Research Assinstant:
 Jun Mitani
 Akira Ohgawara
 Sho Inaba
Technologies for programming fome robots Group Leader:
 Masahiko Inami
 Sunao Hashimoto
 Keita Watanabe
Research Assistant:
 Youichi Kamiyama
 Yuta Sugiura
 Akihiko Ishida
 Charith Fernando
 Teruki Shinohara
 Takeo Hamada
 Kentaro Yasu
 Yui Kita
 Hiroki Akiyama
 Taku Monjo
 Kojiro Kato
 Daisuke Kobayashi
 Masayasu Ogata
 Shouta Matsuda
 Ayaka Sato

Project Office
Frontier Koishikawa Bldg., 7F
1-28-1, Koishikawa, Bunkyou-ku, Tokyo 112-0002, JAPAN
Research Manager
Administrative Manager
Phone: +81 (0) 3 5840 8196
FAX: +81 (0) 3 5840 8197

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