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Nano Reactors
Research Strategy
 In researches of Nano Reactor group,nano−sized cavities and channels developed by Nano Architectonics group are used as”flask”of precisely-controlled chemical reactions.The chemical synthesis and utilization of confined metal-coordinated nanocavities and inorganic nanopores for fabricating novel nano-scale optical and electronic materials and devices.The p-conjugate modules such as electro-conductive polymers are synthesized and encapsuled in these nanosized spaces in order to develop ultrahigh-sensitive sensors.Various organic-inorganic nanohybrids are prepared with nanometer-scale template.For example,nanostructures containing metal clusters is expected to realize potocatalysis and material conversion with specificity comparable to naturally-occurring enzymes.Highly enantioselective reactions will be also developed in solid state nanostructure.

Staff Members
Group Leader Hldeaki Oike
Researcher Yoshihiko Misumi
Yan-Ming Guo
Keiko Matsuo
Research Assistant Hiroshi Nakano
Address of
Research Laboratory
c/o National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation 4F
2-41 Aomi Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0064, Japan
Phone: (+81)-3-3570-9182 Fax: (+81)3-3570-9183

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Exploratory Research for Advanced Technology 
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