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ASADA Synergistic Intelligence
Research Director: Dr. Minoru Asada
(Professor, Department of Adaptive Machine Systems, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University)
Research Term 2005-2011
Outline of Research

  “Synergistic Intelligence (hereafter, SI)” emerges intelligent behaviours through the interaction with environment including humans.

  Synergistic effects with brain science, neuroscience, cognitive science, and developmental psychology are expected. SI is one approach to a new discipline called “Cognitive Developmental Robotics” that aims at providing a new way of understanding ourselves and a new design theory of humanoids through mutual feedback between the design of human-like robots and human-related science.

  Our project consists of four groups: (1) Physio-SI: dynamic motions such as walking, running, jumping, and heading and their seamless connections based on pneumatic muscle actuators, (2) Perso-SI: cognitive developmental robotics including body image, imitation, and language communication, (3) Socio-SI: emergence of communication and society by androids, and (4)SI-mechanism: neuroscientific supports for Physio, Perso, and Socio-SIs.

Research Director
Dr. Minoru Asada

Research Groups
Physio-SI Group Group Leader:
 Koh Hosoda
Perso-SI Group Group Leader:
 Yasuo Kuniyoshi
Socio-SI Group Group Leader:
 Yuichiro Yoshikawa
SI-mechanism Group Group Leader:
 Toshio Inui

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