Introduction of programs

Pick Up

  November 24th (Fri.)
13:45~15:00 135
Keynote Lecture
JST Center for Science Communication
15:15~16:30 136
Poverty × Gender
JST Center for Science Communication
16:45~18:00 137
Creating Sustainable Future city with STI!: A World that Changes by Achieving the SDGs
Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) Task Team on STI for SDGs
  November 25th (Sat.)
10:30~12:30 131
Exploration of Life and Organic Compounds in Space: Tanpopo Experiments and Astrobiology beyond
Team Tanpopo: Experiment on Exposure Facility of International Space Station (TOYAKU, JAXA, et al)
13:30~15:00 132
Living in Harmony with Artificial Intelligence: Will AI Replace Your Work?
Department of Innovation Research, Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST)
14:00-15:30 139
Strengthening Science-Policy Interface for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals: Challenges to Scientific Advice for Policy Making
Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) STI for SDGs Task Team
  November 26th (Sun.)
10:15~12:30 140
"Is My Kid Having Difficulties or Just a Little Too Unique?" II
Let's Talk about Implementing Evidence-based Support for Children with Developmental Disabilities
Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society (RISTEX), JST
13:30~15:00 141
Reproductive medicine in Japan in the era of genome editing
Science Council of Japan


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