Introduction of programs

Pick Up

  November 3rd (Thu.)
10:15~12:00 Ab-143
What can STI contribute to the global issues today such as SDGs we have to cope with?
10:30~12:30 Fb-651
We can create our own wonderful world with cancer prevention
The one dreaming for a cancer preventable future
13:30~17:00 Fb-652
Agora Opening Session
Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST)
  November 5th (Sat.)
10:30~12:00 Ab-117
Challenges to Control of Zoonotic Infection Disease
Subcommittee for Scientific Literacy
Science Council of Japan
12:45~14:45 Ab-118
"Is My Kid Having Difficulties or Just a Little Too Unique?"
Research and Development on an Appropriate Care and Support for Developmental Disorders
Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society (RISTEX), Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
13:00~14:30 Fb-653
INNOVATION BY DESIGN – Science and Design
KYOTO Design Lab, Kyoto Institute of Technology
15:30~17:00 Fb-654
Arts, Science, Technology and Creativity
Delegation of the European Union to Japan
  November 6th (Sun.)
13:30~15:00 Ab-121
5 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake - Communities to save our lives -
Center of Education and Research for Disaster Management (CERD)
International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS)
15:30~17:00 Fb-656
Agora Closing Session
Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST)


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