Leaders from different fields, sectors, generations, and nationalities are invited as speakers, and The 11th Science Agora 2016 is raising attention to make itself a platform for “co-producing value” through good science communications among multiple stakeholders in society.


Date 13:30-17:00, November 3rd(Thu), 2016
Venue Tokyo International Exchange Center
No. Fb-652
Organizer Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST)
   [Part 1] 13:30-15:00
Moderator: Miyoko O. Watanabe (Deputy Executive Director, JST)
・ Welcome Address: Michinari Hamaguchi (President, JST)
・ Keynote Speech:
 - Rush D. Holt (Chief Executive Officer, AAAS)
 - Tomoko Namba (Founder, Chairman of the Board, DeNA Co., Ltd.)
・ Discussion following the keynote lecture
 - Rush D. Holt (Chief Executive Officer, AAAS)
 - Tomoko Namba (Founder, Chairman of the Board, DeNA Co., Ltd.)
 - Michinari Hamaguchi (President, JST)
・ Greetings: Delegates from Co-hosts etc.
 - Keiichiro Tachibana (State Minister for Reconstruction, Reconstruction Agency)
 - Hideo Shindo, Deputy Director General for Science, Technology and Innovation, Cabinet Office
 - Hiroshi Kamiyo, Deputy Director-General, Science and Technology Policy Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT)
 - Akira Sudo (Chairman of Sub-committee on Policy Planning, Committee on New Industry and Technology, KEIDANREN/Senior Fellow, Toshiba Corporation)
 - Hiroaki Aihara(Chairperson of Section 3, Science Council of Japan)
・ Opening Declaration: Michinari Hamaguchi (President, JST)

[Part 2] 15:15-17:00
・ Panel Discussion for Five Years of Reconstruction Following the Disaster
[Panelists] 3 high school students and 3 scientists
 - Yoko Oura (Fukushima Prefectural Fukusima High School)
 - Ryo Endo (Fukushima Prefectural Futaba Future High School)
 - Misato Nakatake (Kumamoto Prefectural Uto Junior and Senior High School)
 - Ashir Ahmed (Associate Professor, Kyusyu University)
 - Tsuyoshi Fujita (Director of Social Environmental Systems Research Center, National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) )
 - Masago Minami (Director, Chief Officer, Yomiuri Research Institute, The Yomiuri Shimbun)
[Moderator] Kazuhito Hashimoto, Executive Member, Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, Cabinet Office of Japan
[Commentator] Keiichiro Tachibana, State Minister for Reconstruction, Reconstruction Agency

[After-Talk] 17:00-17:30
* We are planning to use 30 minutes set aside for “after-talk”, as an interactive tool to allow audience to personally communicate with any of the panelists or other participants in an informal, more relaxed setting.



Presenter and Moderator


Rush D. Holt
Chief Executive Officer, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
Rush D. Holt, Ph.D., became the 18th chief executive officer of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and executive publisher of the Science family of journals in February 2015. Over his career, Dr. Holt has held positions as a teacher, scientist, administrator, and policymaker. From 1987 to 1998, Holt was assistant director of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL), a Department of Energy national lab. Holt then served for 16 years as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, representing New Jersey's 12th Congressional District. Holt holds Ph.D. degrees in physics from New York University.


Tomoko Namba
Founder, Chairman of the Board, DeNA Co., Ltd.
Tomoko Namba is the Chairman of the Board and Founder of DeNA. Namba served as the company's CEO since its founding in 1999 until June 2011. Prior to founding DeNA, she was a partner at McKinsey & Co. She obtained an MBA at Harvard Business School in 1990.


Michinari Hamaguchi
President, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
Michinari Hamaguchi earned his Ph.D. in medicine from Nagoya University and he was appointed Research Associate in 1980. Since then, he had been working at Nagoya University, except for the time he pursued his research at the Rockefeller University in the U.S. from 1985-1988. He served as the President of Nagoya University from Apr. 2009 to Mar. 2015 before becoming the President of JST in Oct. 2015.


Yoko Oura
Fukushima Prefectural Fukusima High School
Ryo Endo
Fukushima Prefectural Futaba Future High School
Misato Nakatake
Kumamoto Prefectural Uto Junior and Senior High School


Ashir Ahmed
Associate Professor, Department of Advanced Information Technology, Kyushu University Director, GCC Project, Grameen Communications
Dr. Ashir aims to produce and promote ICT based social services for the world’s unreached community to achieve sustainable development goals (SDG). Since 2007, he collaborates with Grameen Communications and developed numerous projects e.g. GramWeb (a village information platform), $300 portable clinic, IGPF (Income Generation Project for Farmers using ICT) and MaaS (Mobility as a Service) for developing countries. He authored books on Social Business, ICT for BoP in Japanese.


Tsuyoshi FUJITA
Director of Social Environmental Systems Research Center, National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES)
Professor Tsuyoshi Fujita, an alliance professor of Nagoya University, received a doctor of engineering degree from the University of Tokyo in 1997 as well as a MCP (Master of City Planning) degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1991. He is a member of the National Council of Low Carbon City Promotion of Japan also engaged in academic positions such as a counselor of the International Society of Industrial Ecology, Chair of Editorial Board, Japan Society of Civil Engineering.


Masago Minami
Director, Chief Officer, Yomiuri Research Institute, The Yomiuri Shimbun
Masago Minami M.D. was graduated from the Nippon Medical School, Medical Dpt. After serving as an assistant in the Department of Psychiatry, Nippon Medical School Hospital, with her research theme in Psychiatric Medicine in the area of Comparative Cultures, she was accepted as a mental-health counselor for Japanese Government Scholarship Students. She moved to the Yomiuri Shimbun in 1985, where she started her journalistic career with social aspect of the European harmonization toward single market since she was invited by the European Community as a foreign journalist. Recent years, as Senior Writer of the Yomiuri Shimbun, she has covered articles in medical and medical care fields as well as articles in a wide variety of other fields.


Kazuhito Hashimoto
Executive Member, Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, Cabinet Office of Japan
Kazuhito Hashimoto is currently president of National Institute for Materials Science. He is also a professor at the Policy Alternatives Research Institute for the University of Tokyo. He received his MS degree (1980) in Chemistry, and his Doctor of Science degree (1985) from the University of Tokyo.
Now he is an executive member of Council for Industrial Competitiveness (Cabinet Secretariat of Japan) and Council for Science, Technology Innovation Policy (Cabinet Office of Japan). He is also a member of Science Council of Japan. He received many awards including the 2004 Japan Prime Minister Award, the 2006 Imperial Award/ Japan Invention Award and the 2012 Japan Chemical Society award.

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