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Hisatsune Watanabe
Research Supervisor: Dr. Hisatsune Watanabe
(President , EUVL Infrastructure Development Center, Inc.)

This Research Area aims at transcending saturation of technology evolution based on a semiconductor Roadmap strategy. It covers research on material, structure, and process development for creating innovative and viable electronics devices that have novel function and high performance that can not be realized merely by the scaling paradigm.

Specifically, candidate subjects include: research for highly integrated information processing devices with a novel principle that can solve practical issues, such as increased power consumption and inflation of manufacturing cost; research for devices demonstrating novel function and high performance by the fusion of various technologies or materials including organic substances; process research that enables the above; or research exploiting a novel application thereof.
This Research Area promotes research that is expected to engender practical technologies, rather than investigation of properties and mechanisms of materials and processes.

Policy on Call for Application, Selection and Management of the Research Area

The performance improvement of silicon integrated circuits had been focused on the scaling-down of device structures and on the operating frequency increase of circuits. However we are facing several difficulties of these development roadmap achievements. The potential solutions due to the parallel processing of logic circuits and 3D packaging seem to be vigorously attempted. On the other hand, because of the stronger requirement to environmental concerns, it is expected that ultra-low energy consumption should be achieved by introducing advanced scaling technologies and new device structures, and superior additional values should be gotten by adopting a new device architecture.

This research area seeks: 1. Discovery Science: proposals that endeavor to create new concepts through an exhaustive understanding obtained by getting back to the basis of material and process science for the facing stalemate; 2. Disruptive Technology: proposals that attempt to replace conventional technology with totally innovative materials, processes and devices; and 3. Fusion Device: proposals that try to overcome the problems described above by combining semiconductor devices with the material properties from different fields and/or any devices with different principles.

An object of this public collection is consisted of new material exploitation, new process development, and device creation technologies in the semiconductor field. Also the challenging proposals based on a novel approach or an original idea will be welcome as this public collection object, even if relating the same material and process as the adopted subjects before. Relating to the research execution, we attach importance to the research mind, which aggressively challenges to commercialization through collaboration with universities and industries.

Applicants are asked to present a 5-year milestone in their research proposals. It is intended that a path toward commercialization should become visible within approximately three years considering the evaluation in a research, such as the midterm evaluation. A review of the research items and budgets will be conducted in the light of the result.

Discovery, Distruptive technology, Fusion device
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