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Updated on June, 2018

Member’s Voice has been updated.

Member's vocices from four Sakura Science Club members have been updated. [see more...]

Story of Satoshi Omura(Written by Rensei Baba) has been updated.

Chapter 7 - Life at Wesleyan University -. [see more...]

Science and Technology has been updated.

Three articles in Science and Technology have been updated. [see more...]

Updated on May, 2018

Member’s Voice has been updated.

Story of Satoshi Omura(Written by Rensei Baba) has been updated.

Science and Technology has been updated.

Updated on Apr, 2018

Member’s Voice has been updated.

Story of Satoshi Omura(Written by Rensei Baba) has been updated.

Science and Technology has been updated.

Updated on Mar, 2018

Member’s Voices have been updated

In this section, we introduce views and impressions from people who participated in the Sakura Science Plan.

Updated on Dec, 2017

SSC Members in China were Invited to Participate.

On November 28, 2017, a presentation session by Sakura Science Program participants was held in Beijing, China. SSC members in China were invited to participate. The total number of participants amounted to 250, and this large-scale gathering was covered by People's Daily Online.
china invited
china invited

Updated on Nov, 2017

Story of Satoshi Omura: Written by Rensei Baba

From the square banner on the right, you can read the life story of Dr. Satoshi Omura who received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine together with Dr. William Campbell for the discovery of ivermectin, a remedy for river blindness prevalent in the African tropics. Before going into his life as a researcher, the author goes back to his family background, elementary school to university days, his teaching experience and how it lead to his entry into graduate school to start his career as a researcher. We hope his story could be an inspiration to your future.

Updated on Oct, 2017

Study in Japan Fair 2017 in Bangkok

Reports about valuable experiences in Japan were delivered by six selected speakers who attended the “Study in Japan Fair 2017 in Bangkok” on September 3, 2017. In connection to this, "Sakura Science Club in Thailand" was established during the opinion exchange meeting held afterwards. On the following day, September 4, at the 12th JUNThai meeting (Japanese Universities' Network in Thailand) held at the Japan Embassy, two speakers reported their experiences in Japan. There are 80 Japanese universities involved in JUNThai. We are glad to say that interaction with these Japanese universities had deepened. Thank you to everyone who participated. "Sakura Science Club in Thailand" is scheduled to be held again at the “Study in Japan Fair 2018 in Bangkok.” We'll be waiting for your participation. People in Thailand are welcome to join our alumni association on Facebook.


Updated on Sep, 2017

September in Japan

Updated on Aug, 2017

August in Japan

Updated on Jul, 2017

Started to Distribute “Research News”

In the “Science and Technology” page, we will update the news from universities and research institutions every month. You can read the latest news about advanced research. Please check it regularly!

Updated on Jun, 2017

We have updated Member’s Voice

In this section, we introduce views and impressions from people who participated in the Sakura Science Plan.

Updated on Apr, 2017

Bulletin Board has been renewed to a SNS

SSC’s Member Only Bulletin Board has been renewed to a Social Networking Service (SNS) named “My Page”. On “My Page,” you will be able to search for club members and create community pages according to your interests. We would be delighted if you could utilize this tool to expand your knowledge and friendship with other club members. We look forward your participation!


Updated on Oct, 2016

We have started to post “The Story of Satoshi Omura”

The author Rensei Baba writes about Satoshi Omura’s life story and his research. Satoshi Omura had saved lives of 200 million people and won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine 2015 for his achievements.

Updated on Sep, 2016

Sakura Science Club Holds First Reunion in Tokyo !!

On September 24 Saturday, SSC’s reunion in Japan was held in Tokyo at Miraikan. 43 members from 7 countries exchanged opinion in small groups. The second part of the reunion consisted of a buffet reception where members could casually socialize and exchange contact information. By the end, some members came up to the front of the venue to sing songs from their native countries. All in all, it ended in success.


Updated on June 26, 2016

Students from India Meet Japan’s Minister of Education

On May 6, 2016, Mr. Hiroshi Hase, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, attended a round-table conference with eight Indian high school students who took part in the Sakura Science Plan and visited Japan for the first time.
The conference was held at the residence of the Japanese Ambassador to India. Minister Hase was able to exchange frank opinions and to hear out requests from the students regarding the science program.
After answering questions on Japan’s current situation in education and relevant issues Japan is facing, the minister joined the students for a commemorative group photo.


Updated on May26, 2016

Deputy Chief of Mission, Minister, Embassy of Japan

As part of events commemorating the 50th anniversary of Singapore-Japan diplomatic relations (SJ 50), Sakura Science Plan (SSP)’s Singapore Alumni held a reunion on March 19, 2016 at Japan Creative Centre (JCC) which is directly associated with Embassy of Japan in Singapore. The reunion was co-hosted by JST and JCC. It is the first SSP reunion held globally.

We were able to receive the honorable attendance of Mr. Sin Kim Ho from Singapore’s Ministry of Education and Deputy Chief of Mission Minister, Mr. Tsutsumi Naohiro in addition to 50 Alumni participants. After JST provided the latest news from Sakura Science Plan, students from Singapore Polytechnic, River Valley High School and Dunman High School who participated in the program made presentations about their experience.
Japan Creative Centre


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