'Brainstorming for Future Joint Collaboration on IP'
Tittle: "Sharing experiences in technology transfer"
lead discussant: Dr. Russell AYRES
Director, Commercialization and Collaboration Team, Research Systems Branch, Innovation & Research Systems Group, Department of Education, Science & Training, Australia
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Tittle: "Joint Policy Research"
lead discussant: Prof. Keun Lee
Professor, Division of Economics, Seoul National University, Korea
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Tittle: "Human Resources Development in IP"
lead discussant: Dr. Maripaz PEREZ
Under secretary, Department of Science and Technology, Philippines
Prof. John K. RAINE
Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Massey University, New Zealand
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Tittle: "IP Resources (database, experts) Sharing"
lead discussant: Prof. Rohazar Wati ZUALLCOBLEY
Deputy Director General (Industrial Property), Malaysian Intellectual Property Organization (MyIIPO), Malaysia
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