Technology Area

Takeshi Tatsumi

Outline of the area

Takashi Tatsumi
President, National Institute
of Technology and Evaluation

On the basis of chemistry, we are going to conduct the research for development of game-changing low carbon technology. We cover the research and development for chemical processes that can create a paradigm shift and pave a way to realize a low carbon society while greatly reducing CO2 emission. Specifically, we promote cutting-edge research and technical development such as energy-saving technology for manufacturing chemical products with efficient conversion technology from biomass into chemicals and fuels, and new CO2 separating technology with low energy and cost, long-term CO2 fixation technology and so on.


Development of Low Cost and Energy Efficient CO2 Separation Materials and Processes using Amine-Gels Technologies

Yu Hoshino
Associate Professor, Kyushu University

This project aims at development of the CO2 separation membranes which transports CO2 under low pressure, and highly efficient CO2 separation process using the membranes. General procedures to design highly efficient CO2 separation membrane will be developed by taking advantage of the pKa shift of the amines introduced in the stimuli-responsive nanogel particle.


Irreversible Hydrolysis of Esters and Direct Transformation of Alkenes Directing toward Energy Reduction of Water Separation

Makoto Tokunaga
Professor, Kyushu University

In this project, we aim energy saving by improvement of current process of petroleum chemistry. Particularly, we will try partial or fundamental modification of the process of primary alcohol production from alkenes by introducing oxygen functionalities. We also aim energy saving production of higher alcohols as well as lower alcohols.

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