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Akihiko Kondo

Outline of the area

Akihiko Kondo
Professor, Kobe University

From the view point of energy-saving such as carbon neutral and bioprocess with the advanced technologies in various domains of biotechnology, we are contributing to a large reduction of GHG emission. Specifically, we cover the research and development of carbon fixation technology by biomass plant breeding, biomass conversion technology, direct conversion technology of CO2, and other conversion technologies of various organic resources.

We also promote the interdisciplinary research and development based on microbial science, plant science and bioprocessing science, which goes beyond the conventional framework.


Development of Novel Crop Protection Technology which Can Confer Durable Disease Resistance to Various Crop Species

Yoshiteru Noutoshi
Associate Professor, Okayama University

Reduction of crop yield losses by diseases can greatly contribute to increase biomass production. In this study, small cyclic peptides which prime plant immunity will be identified by the original high-throughput screening method. Then, a methodology will also be developed which can synthesize the bioactive cyclic peptides inside plants to upregulate immunity. This novel crop protection technology is applicable to various crops and cannot be overcome by drug-resistance microbes, and thus it can confer durable disease resistance to broad range of pathogens. It is an alternative way which can complement agrochemicals and breeding.

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