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Technology Area

Ultra Heat-Resistant Materials and High Quality Recyclable Steel

Outline of the area

Kohmei Halada
National Institute for Materials Science

Towards realizing a low carbon society, it is indispensable to develop technology and systems with high efficiency energy utilization. Also, it is an urgent issue to reduce GHG emission especially in the fields of electricity generation, metallurgy-based industry and transportation with huge emission. Far higher energy efficiency can be achieved by drastically improving the characteristics of the high-temperature resistant materials used for steam and gas turbines for thermal power generation plants, jet engines and so on. Further, through such higher energy efficiency, we are aiming at drastic improvement of heat resistant materials with high temperature strength, toughness at room temperature, oxidation resistance, a long life and so forth, and establishment of its manufacturing technologies and innovative thermal barrier coating.

In addition, we are also developing the manufacturing technologies for higher specific strength materials based on recycled or depleted materials, and creation of structural control technology for higher strength with less rare metal in the scope of a large reduction of the energy consumption in recycling.

Further, we are addressing the development, the design and manufacturing technologies for innovative metallic materials and ceramic materials being both light-weight and having improved strength that can greatly reduce the energy consumption of transportation equipment.


High Temperature Materials Based on Multi-Element BCC Solid Solutions

Seiji Miura
Professor, Hokkaido University

A new class of high temperature materials will be developed for reducing the CO2 gas emission from the LNG power plant. BCC alloys mainly based on various elements will be explored for the matrix of the composite alloys with various compounds for obtainng high strength, high toughness and high oxidation resistance.

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