Synthesis of Acrylic Acid Derivatives from Alkenes and CO2 Using Nickel Catalyst and Development of Novel Type of Immobilized Nickel Catalyst on Gold, SANi (Sulfur-modified Au supported Ni material)

Principal Investigator

Yoshihiro SATO (Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hokkaido University)

Co-Principal Investigator

Mitsuhiro ARISAWA (Associate„ÄÄProfessor, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University)

Outline of the Project

It is well known that a nickelalactone intermediate could be formed by oxidative cycloaddition of alkene and CO2 to a zerovalent nickel complex, however, from which direct formation of acrylic acid derivatives via b-elimination has not been realized yet. Our research plan focuses transmetalation of the nickelalactone with organometallic reagent followed by b-elimination, producing acrylic acid derivatives. We will also study on development of novel type of immobilized nickel catalyst on gold, SANi (Sulfur-modified Au supported Ni material), which is the other half part of our objective.

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