Development of Advanced Catalytic Systems with Dimensionally-Regulated Nano Spaces and Heterogeneous Accumulated Transition Metal Nano Catalysts for the Production of π-Electron Molecules

Principal Investigator

Yoichi M. A. YAMADA (Deputy Team Leader, RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science)

Co-Principal Investigator

Shigenori FUJIKAWA (Associate Professor, International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research, Kyushu University)

Outline of the Project

Our aim for the research is the development of advanced insoluble metal catalytic systems that produce the desired organic molecules with mol ppm-ppb amount of the catalysts with reusability for low-energetic, environmentally benign and sustainable molecular transformation.  For this purpose, we will create advanced catalytic systems with dimensionally-regulated nano spaces and heterogeneous accumulated transition metal nano catalysts. Thus, we control the chemical structure of transition metal catalysts and the dimension of catalytic reaction spaces to provide insoluble catalytic synthetic systems, catalytic membrane-installed microflow instantaneous reaction systems, and 3D nano-pinholder (kenzan) space -controlled instantaneous reaction systems with high catalytic activity.

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