Novel C1 Chemistry Process to Convert Carbon Dioxide

Principal Investigator

Noritatsu TSUBAKI (Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Toyama)

Outline of the Project

1. Effective synthesis of syngas (mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen) from comprehensive catalytic reforming of methane, carbon dioxide and oxygen/air.

2. Methanol and DME (Dimethyl Ether) synthesis at low temperature using syngas from 1 and carbon dioxide.

3. Ethanol synthesis from DME from 2 and syngas from 1.
For 1, energy is not necessary to be provided.  A part of methane will be combusted to provide heat in situ, as an auto-reforming mode.
For 2, methanol and DME will be quickly obtained at high one-pass conversion, without thermodynamic equilibrium limitation, via ester intermediate.  This new route is invented by us.
For 3, ethanol is produced from DME and syngas by a new reaction invented by us, using powerful capsule catalyst developed by us.

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