Construction of Chiral π Space by Using Transition Metal-Catalyzed Asymmetric Reactions and its Application to the Functional Materials

Principal Investigator

Takanori SHIBATA (Professor, Waseda University)

Outline of the Project

Conjugate polyene is categorized as a 1D polymer, which has carbon-carbon double and single bond sequence. The development of its new physical properties was awarded as Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2000, and Professor Shirakawa is one of winners. Graphene is categorized as a 2D molecule, which has infinite alternant of benzene rings. The groundbreaking experiments regarding graphene were awarded as Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010. My research project is a new design and synthesis of 3D molecule containing aromatic rings using transition metal-catalyzed asymmetric reactions. In particular, I focus on the generation of “chiral space” which was constructed by either right-handed or reft-handed moiety. My final goal is the development of new physical properties derived from the 3D space constructed by aromatic π electron system.

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