Creation of Artificial Photosynthetic Systems by the Fusion between Molecular Catalysts and Surface Science

Principal Investigator

Yoshinori NARUTA (Professor,Institute for General Research of Science, Chubu University)

Co-Principal Investigator

Hiroaki TAKADAMA (Associate Professor, Collage of Life and Health Science, Chubu University)

Outline of the Project

By the development of photo-excited catalytic water splitting systems, known as artificial photosynthesis, this project primarily aims solar hydrogen production as a solar energy storage method in high solar energy efficiencies.  To realize this goal, development of water splitting catalysts to oxygen and hydrogen at low overpotentials and surface nano-structured titanium electrodes showing high surface area and good conductivity.  At the second stage, catalytic photo-reduction system of carbon dioxide coupled with the photochemical water oxidation reaction will be developed. These systems will be combined with catalytic and photochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to provide conversion of the gas to useful carbon resources solely with solar energy.  This approach will open the way for sustainable production of hydrogen and base chemicals in near future. 

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