Development of CO2 Photo-Reduction System Based on Semiconductor Quantum-dots Photocatalyst

Principal Investigator

Masahiro MIYAUCHI (Professor, School of Materials and Chemical Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Outline of the Project

This project aims to develop the CO2 photo-reduction system based on semiconductor photocatalysts. To achieve the efficient system, we investigate the quantum effect and hetero-structures of semiconductors and multi-electron cocatalyst modification.

We have developed the nano-composite photocatalyst, which is driven by Z-scheme under visible light irradiation. The electron-hole charge separation efficiency has been greatly improved owing to efficient charge transfer through the junctions between the two semiconductors. In addition, the amorphous clusters cocatalyst for electron reduction reaction have been discovered. We are investigating the effect of cocatalysts modification onto the semiconductor photocatalysts to achieve the efficient CO2 photo-reduction system.

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