Development and Applications of Cooperative Catalysts towards Life Innovation

Principal Investigator

Shigeki MATSUNAGA (Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hokkaidou University)

Co-Principal Investigator

Ken SAKATA (Associate Professor, Hoshi University, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Outline of the Project

To contribute “Life Innovation”, especially in pharmaceutical industry, we will develop four types of new cooperative catalysts, (a) cooperative asymmetric Schiff base catalysts, (b) redox active ligand/metal cooperative catalysts, (c) Lewis acid/transition metal cooperative catalysts, and (d) cationic metal/counter ion cooperative catalysts. These cooperative catalysts will be used to realize catalytic asymmetric carbon-carbon bond forming reactions as well as direct catalytic functionalization of nitrogen-containing heterocycles under atom- and step-economical manner. The catalysts and their target reactions will also be applied towards truly efficient and environmentally benign synthesis of building blocks for the production of biologically active compounds.

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