Synthesis of Acrylic Acid from Ethylene or Acetylene Based on the Innovative Transition Metal Catalysis

Principal Investigator

Nobuharu IWASAWA (Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Outline of the Project

Catalytic carbon dioxide fixation reactions with carbon-carbon bond formation will be realized based on the development of innovative transition metal complexes. Hydrocarboxylation reaction of alkenes and alkynes, direct C-H carboxylation of carbon-hydrogen bond of alkenes, and oxidative cyclization of alkenes and carbon dioxide followed by b-hydride elimination will be studied to realize transition metal catalyzed carboxylation reactions. Utilization of easily available reducing agents such as hydrogen and utilization of photoexcited electron will also be studied to realize practical methods for catalyzing the carboxylation reactions. As a final goal of this project, preparation of acrylic acid from ethylene or acetylene will be realized.

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