New Synthesis of Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds via Homologation Using Catalytic Cycloaddition

Principal Investigator

Ryoichi KUWANO (Professor, Kyushu University)

Outline of the Project

Polycyclic aromatic compound contains a ladder structure, which is constructed by condensing many aromatic rings.  The compounds were expected as materials for organic electro-luminescence, fluorescence, organic semiconductor, and so on.  Two condensation manners of the 6-membered ring are possible in the polycyclic aromatic compounds: One is acene structure, and another is phenacene structure.  In this study, we will develop new methodologies for constructing acene and phenacene structures.  The methodologies employed a catalytic cycloaddition for elongating each 6-membered ring step by step.  The methodologies will allow us to easily access a variety of substituted polyacenes and polyphenacenes.  Furthermore, polycyclic aromatic compounds containing both acene and phenacene stuructures will be prepared by combining the two methodologies in this study.

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