About The Program

Research Area

“Creation of Advanced Catalytic Transformation for the Sustainable Manufacturing at Low Energy, Low Environmental Load”

Research Supervisor

Toyoki KUNITAKE (University Professor of Kyushu University Institute for Advanced Study)

Outline of the Research Area

This research area aims to create the advanced catalytic transformation that can contribute to solving various challenges, which not only Japan but also the world are confronted with, by realizing a low-carbon society, and producing sustainable and advanced drug and functional materials, etc.

Specifically, the following studies are addressed:

1) Studies on reactions to utilize small molecules as resource (such as reduction of carbon dioxide), instead of fossil resources, and efficiently convert it into the useful C1, C2 and C3 compounds;

2) Studies of reactions such as asymmetric carbon-carbon bond formation, which result in industrial applications;

3) Studies on creations of π(pi)-electron molecules having superior properties and functions by innovative bond formation, cleavage and recombination;

4) Studies on creations of new features by introducing functional group to the pi-electron molecules.

This research area aims to create molecular conversion method that is safe, high atom efficiency, high yield and high selectivity. And the research area promotes challenging research beyond the boundaries of the field of chemistry, physics, mathematics and engineering. In addition, it promotes the cooperation with the research on measurement and analysis, and theoretical chemistry for the elucidation of reaction mechanism.

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