Koike Photonics Polymer Project

Yasuhiro Koike (Professor, Keio University)

ERATO(2000-05) SORST(2005-2009)ERATOSORST
Development of new optical polymer polymer
Developing an advanced home electronics society utilizing user-friendly optical fibers

Research Overview
The transparency of plastic optical fiber, which is lower than that of quartz optical fiber, has been successfully increased. Compared with its quartz counterpart, plastic optical fiber is light, strong against bending and can perform high-volume signal transmission. It has already been used in high-capacity intra-building networks at hospitals and office buildings.

Impact of Research Achievements
■ The molecular design of high-speed plastic optical fiber and a gigabit network system using the fiber have been developed, enabling high-speed transmission at 12 Gbps. Using this network, a demonstration experiment of real-time remote teaching at Keio University was conducted, and an intra-hospital network has been established (Sakakibara Memorial Hospital).
A technique to eliminate the birefringence of polymers by adding inorganic nano-size needle crystals to optical polymers has been developed. Its application to high-definition displays is anticipated.
■ Size of the global market for plastic optical fiber in 2013 will be about 10 billion yen.

High-speed plastic optical fiber
Zero-birefringence optical polymer using nano-particulates