Ultra-Fast Peta-Byte Information Storage

Mitsuteru Inoue (Professor, Toyohashi University of Technology)

Research Area: New High-Performance Information Processing Technology Supporting Information-Oriented Society (FY2001-2006)
Establishment of HVD technology that enables high-density recording
Development of an optical disk with a storage capacity over 20 times that of a Blu-ray Disc.

Research Overview
The fourth-generation optical disc that replaces the Blu-ray Disc format will require terabyte-class capacity. Holographic memory was long regarded as a main candidate for this role, but its development has not been realized. Prof. Inoue’s research group successfully put a Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD) based on the collinear holography technique into practical use. The HDV format is expected to be able to hold over 1.3 terabytes of information on a CD-size disc in the future.

Impact of Research Achievements
Group of some 20 major electronics manufacturers jointly move for standardization of this format.
■ HVD was adopted for international standard by Europe-based Ecma international in 2007, raising expectations for its domination of international markets.
■ The Research Center for Advanced Photonic Information Memories was established on the campus of Toyohashi University of Technology, and joint development is underway through an academic-industrial consortium that uses the center as a base.
■ The global market is expected to exceed that of the Blu-ray Disc (Estimated to be about 300 billion yen in 2013).