Microscopic Resolution of Phase and Amplitude of Electronic Waves in Solids

Koichi Kitazawa (Professor, The University of Tokyo)

Synthesis of Antiferromagnetic Quantum Spin Ladder Compounds and Their Novel Properties

Mikio Takano (Professor, Kyoto University)

Manufacturing Technology of Oxide Superconducting Material (Bi-Based Superconducting Wire) [Development Contract Program, JST]

Kazuo Fueki / Koichi Kitazawa (Professors of the University of Tokyo)

Hiroshi Maeda (National Research Institute for Metals for Metals)

Research area: Phenomena of Extreme Conditions (FY1995-2000)
High-temperature superconducting wire rods that enable high critical current density
Effectuate transportation of solar-generated power from the Sahara

Research Overview
Techniques have been developed to increase the purity and current density of high-temperature cuprate superconductors discovered in Japan, and the basic patent for material development has been obtained.
Motors to power vessels as well as both low- and high-power power lines have been realized as a result.

Impact of Research Achievements
■ Sumitomo Electric Industries has developed a practical wire rod. It is currently in the validation phase for full-scale application, as exemplified by a power transmission experiment using an actual power line in the US.
■ Possible core technology for use in transferring excessive electricity over a long distance in the "Sahara Solar Breeder Plan" where effective solar power generation in the desert can take place.
■ The size of the global superconductor industry market will be 2 to 3 trillion yen by 2020.
■ Application to underground power cables, vessels with high-efficiency, low-noise, compact drive units, and use in a global photovoltaic generation and transmission network is keenly anticipated.
■ Bismuth-based superconductors have become a specialty of Japan, while Japan and the US have been competing in the development of yttrium-based superconductors.

High-temperature superconducting cable
High-temperature superconducting cable

Sahara Solar Breeder Plan
Sahara Solar Breeder Plan (From materials of Science Council of Japan)