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Other Initiatives
  • In "Nanotechnology Platform Japan" program, selected universities and national laboratories which can provide public share-use of cutting edge equipment are unified and strengthening the further development of nonotechnology in Japan. The research areas include three technical fields; 1) Advanced Characterization Nanotechnology, 2) Nanofabrication and 3) Molecule & Material Synthesis. All of researches from the academic topics to the industry-related problems are supported by the experienced scientists and technicians. Any research will be done without any investment for expensive equipments and any time delay to start.

  • On April 1, 2011, a new Department for Promoting Science and Technology System Reform was established. This Department has been mandated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to promote and support activities related to proposals, surveys, promotions, project managements, evaluations, and similar efforts toward achieving reform of Japan’s science and technology systems.

  • This project was initiated in July, 2012 with the goal to develop the open and the most advanced research and development base in the world on renewable energies under the Basic Policy for Recovery and Reconstruction of Fukushima.

  • From the standpoint of “Diversity”, we have been focused on 1)Human Resources 2)Career 3)Way of working and continued and developed practical and action-oriented approaches such as proposal to the Japanese government such as MEXT and CSIT, to support JST participated researchers and JST workforces, ourselves.