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Promotion of innovation creation
Programs to Promote the Utilization of University IP
  • Programs to Support the IP Strategies of Japanese Universities Given the increasing importance of IP as the basis of international competitiveness, CIPS was established with the objectives of planning University IP strategies for Japan and conducting a range of programs, including support for IP-related activities at universities and public research institutions.

  • *Supporting the First Step in Converting Research Output to IP Support for Improving Patent Applications:
    Provision of support to universities, technical colleges and TLOs, including patent consulting.

    *Support for Foreign Patent Applications:
    Provision of assistance to universities, technical colleges and TLOs to help cover costs related to foreign patent applications.

    *Support for Developing Patent Portfolios:
    Provision of support in building patent portfolios based on a high-value core patent.

    Inquiries: Academic Patenting Support Group, CIPS:
    Support for improving patent applications
    Support for foreign patent applications
    Support for developing patent portfolios

  • A system that accelerates the vitalization of businesses in cooperation with investment institutions, utilizing unused patents held by universities.

    *Provision of Patent Maps &Portfolio Information:
    Classifying patents held by universities from a wide range of viewpoints and providing patent maps and portfolio information.

    *Cooperation with Investment Institutions:
    Promoting vitalization of businesses in cooperation with investment institutions, utilizing unused patents held by universities.

    *Support for Increasing the Value of University Patents:
    Providing financial support for experimentation and research and technology transfer surveys for technological enhancement, creation of applied inventions, test products, market surveys etc. regarding the patents held by universities with the potential for licensing.

    *Provision of Information on University IP “J-STORE”:
    A free online database that provides the results of research conducted by universities, JST, etc. focusing on results with potential for licensing. It also provides information on undisclosed patents. It also allows on-demand creation of patent maps and the viewing of existing patent maps.
    “Science and Technology Commons”
    A function of “J-STORE,” that allows the free use of Japanese patents held by universities and companies for research.

    Inquiries: Intellectual Property Utilization Promotion Highway / Strategy Planning Group, CIPS

    J-STORE / Strategy Planning Group, CIPS

  • A One-Stop Consulting Service to Support Technology Transfer
    JST provides a free-of-charge technology transfer consulting service for companies, universities, public research institutions and TLOs, including information on JST programs and other public-sector programs.

    Inquiries: General Consulting Service for Technology Transfer / Department of Industry-Academic Collaboration

  • Support for Matching Research Output with Industry
    To provide opportunities for matching high-quality technology seeds with the needs of industry, JST organizes a national-scale university knowledge fair named “INNOVATION JAPAN: University Technology Exhibitions.”

    Inquiries: University Technology Exhibitions / Department of Industry-Academic Collaboration

  • Inventors explain their new technology at new technology presentation Meetings, and researchers at universities present their own perspectives on the potential for commercial applications for their new technologies to companies.

    Inquiries: New Technology Presentation Meetings / Department of Industry-Academic Collaboration

  • At Open Innovation Seminars, companies can present their research-related needs to universities, including issues that require short-term solutions and companies wishing to conduct collaborative research with universities.

    Inquiries: Open Innovation Seminars / Department of Industry-Academic Collaboration

  • A Comprehensive Information Source
    This information portal site aims to provide a comprehensive range of information relating to industry-academia-government collaboration for those who engage in these activities.

    Inquiries: Portal Site for Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration / Department of Industry-Academic Collaboration

  • Fostering Specialist Skills and Building Networks
    This training program aims to enhance skills of people involved in technology transfer divisions at universities and TLOs.

    Inquiries: Human Resource Development Program for Technology Transfer / Department of Industry-Academic Collaboration