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Promotion of innovation creation
Programs to Promote the Utilization of University IP
  • JST offers support for the acquisition of rights for the results of university research, along with support for universities' intellectual property (IP) management, packaging, licensing to companies, and opportunities for matching between industry and academia, as well as training of technology transfer personnel. JST aims at contributing to the creation of innovation through comprehensive support for intellectual property management initiatives at universities and other organizations, technology transfer, and industry-academia collaboration activities.

  • JST supports the acquisition of foreign patents by universities-self for applications for patents with a high likelihood of technology transfer activities or patent utilization in the future. JST provides comprehensive support for PCT applications and transfers to designated countries, including assistance with expenses and expert opinions from JST intellectual property specialists.

    Inquiries: Department of Intellectual Property Management

    *Support for Universities' IP ManagementJapanese text only
    JST provides patent strategy consultation, invention consultation, and support to strengthen universities' IP management.

    Inquiries: Department of Intellectual Property Management

    *On-the-job Training CourseJapanese text only
    Since 2017, JST has provided a training course of human resources development in technology transfer so that participants from universities will develop practical skills through on-the-job training and experiences at TLOs.

    Inquiries: Department of Intellectual Property Management

  • JST collects university patents for which there are expectations of technology transfer and innovation creation, but which are difficult to hold singly, receiving their transfer on a paid basis in anticipation of the outcome, and works to actively promote their utilization.

    Inquiries: Department of Intellectual Property Management

    Super HighwayJapanese text only
    Among the collected patents, for those with high technological superiority and which are expected to have a substantial socioeconomic effect, JST secures rights to the (peripheral) technologies required for commercialization in conducting proof of concept (demonstration testing). JST works to enhance attractiveness to companies as a patent package, and to achieve early utilization.

    Inquiries: Department of Intellectual Property Management

    J-STORE database has a wide range of information regarding universities, JST and other institutions' patents that can be licensed to companies, research outputs of universities, patent maps and other useful information.

    Inquiries: Department of Intellectual Property Management

  • In order to facilitate commercialization of the research output originating from universities, public research institutions and JST programs, JST undertakes licensing activities.

    Inquiries: Department of Intellectual Property Management

  • To provide opportunities for matching high-quality technology seeds with the needs of industry, JST organizes a national-scale university knowledge fair named “INNOVATION JAPAN: University Technology Exhibitions.”

    Inquiries: University Technology Exhibitions / Department of Industry-Academic Collaboration

  • Inventors explain their new technology at new technology presentation meetings, and researchers at universities present their own perspectives on the potential for commercial applications for their new technologies to companies.

    Inquiries: New Technology Presentation Meetings / Department of Industry-Academic Collaboration

  • At Open Innovation Seminars, companies can present their research-related needs to universities, including issues that require short-term solutions and companies wishing to conduct collaborative research with universities.

    Inquiries: Open Innovation Seminars / Department of Industry-Academic Collaboration

  • A Comprehensive Information Source
    This information portal site aims to provide a comprehensive range of information relating to industry-academia-government collaboration for those who engage in these activities.

    Inquiries: Portal Site for Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration / Department of Industry-Academic Collaboration

  • Fostering Specialist Skills and Building Networks
    This training program aims to enhance skills of people involved in technology transfer divisions at universities and TLOs.

    Inquiries: Human Resource Development Program for Technology Transfer / Department of Industry-Academic Collaboration