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Promotion of innovation creation
Strategic Basic Research Programs
  • Network-based (team-based) research giving rise to outstanding results that lead to innovation in science and technology
    Research Directors, under the management of a Research Supervisor, lead research teams and, while forming and drawing on the strengths of networks spanning industry, academia, and government, seek to produce research results that are of an internationally high level and contribute significantly to innovation in science and technology.

    Inquiries: CREST / Department of Innovation Research

  • Network-based (individual) research giving rise to wellsprings of innovation in science and technology
    The objective of this program is to produce results that will become wellsprings of innovation in science and technology and turn out future research leaders by having individual researchers, working under the management of a Research Supervisor, interact with and inspire one another as they pursue original, challenging research.

    Inquiries: PRESTO (Sakigake) / Department of Innovation Research

  • Network-based individual research of ICT young researchers for Individuality Establishment
    Under the management of a Research Supervisor, find out and foster ICT young researchers who will come up with originative ideas to resolve present or future issues which people are facing and will face, and support to establish individuality of researchers.

    Inquiries: ACT-I / Department of Innovation Research

  • Outstanding Research Leaders Strive to Generate the Seeds of Breakthrough New Technologies
    In line with the Strategic Sectors set by MEXT, JST identifies key Research Areas with high potential for generating the seeds of new technologies, then appoints Research Directors responsible for managing their own research area. They formulate their own detailed frameworks for research and they also recruit researchers to contribute to the realization of their research vision, leading their teams directly in the pursuit of this research. Participation and cooperation are drawn from a broad range of sources, including JST, industry, academia and government agencies, and may include overseas participation. Hence, this program encourages a collaborative structure and the management of joint projects.

    Inquiries: Department of Research Project

  • Creation of Advanced Catalytic Transformation for the Sustainable Manufacturing at Low Energy, Low Environmental Load
    ACT-C aims to create the advanced catalytic transformation that can contribute to solving various challenges, which not only Japan but also the world are confronted with, by realizing a low-carbon society, and producing sustainable and advanced drug and functional materials, etc.

    Inquiries: Department of Research Project (ACT-C)

  • Accelerated Innovation Research Initiative Turning Top Science and Ideas into High-Impact Values
    ACCEL aims to set a path to the next phase, such as company R&D, venture start-up and other public funding, based on the outputs of the Strategic Basic Research Programs (CREST, PRESTO, ERATO, etc.) that have the potential to be world-leading but cannot be continued by companies and other organizations due to their perceived risks. The Program Manager (PM) leads research and development with the innovation requirements and goals, demonstrating Proof of Concept (POC) and promoting the appropriate rights arrangements.

    Inquiries: ACCEL / Department of Innovation Research

  • Generating New Technologies That Will Significantly Contribute to the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    ALCA promotes challenging R&D creating advanced technology, which contributes to continuous and steady reduction of greenhouse gas emissions over the medium- to long-term. To achieve this objective, ALCA aims to generate “game-changing technology” leading to breakthroughs and major transformations of existing paradigms. The program promotes R&D based on new scientific and technical insights vis-a-vis technologies that have significant potential to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. ALCA aims to generate R&D results that will lead to “green innovation.”

    Inquiries: Department of R&D for Future Creation

  • Fostering Innovation to Address Social Challenges through Science and Technology
    RISTEX seeks to benefit society by pursuing R&D to generate results that will contribute to addressing issues facing mankind and society. These include global warming and other environmental problems, energy, the declining birthrate and aging society, and safety and security. While drawing together a wide range of parties involved in developing solutions to societal issues and building networks of people from relevant fields, RISTEX conducts pilot programs of hands-on approaches with a view to developing insights and methods that will generate innovative solutions to societal issues. RISTEX also supports the social application of the R&D results thus obtained, in order to enable other regions and organizations to pursue similar solutions.

    Inquiries: RISTEX / Planning and Management Office