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Developing Information Infrastructure to Support Science and Technology Innovation
Deepening dialogue and cooperation with society toward co-creation of future
  • JST, in addition to communication conveying the knowledge and enjoyment of previous achievements in science and technology, also seeks to promote constructive communication by sharing the tentative nature, uncertainty, and latent risks possessed by science and technology with the nation’s citizens, its government, its research institutions, and researchers, for a better society and lifestyle.

    Inquiries: cscjst.go.jp

  • Science Agora is a two or three-day event held in the Odaiba area (at Miraikan and other institutions) in November every year. Its purpose is to freely facilitate science and technology communication. It is open to anybody interested in science and technology.

    Inquiries: Staff in charge of planning and coordination

  • Free Internet-Based Video Library of Science and Technology
    JST provides a free video library of science and technology on the Internet. More than 4,000 programs are available, including documentaries, dramas, cartoons and English-language programs.

    Inquiries: Media Group

  • Portal to a Wide Array of Scientific and Technological Information In addition to information from universities, research institutions, and government agencies, SciencePortal provides an entry point to a wide array of the latest scientific and technological information and introduces many useful web sites.

    Inquiries: Media Group

  • The science journal "Science Window" provides topics related to children's questions which may also stimulate adults' interest and lead to enjoyment of thinking about issues together with children.

  • Utilizing Miraikan to Foster Japanese Citizens’ Awareness of Science and Technology
    Miraikan is a science museum dedicated to sharing the new knowledge created by science and technology with all members of society. Miraikan works to gather and present a diverse array of information and exhibits related to cutting-edge science and technology.