President’s Message

On April 1, 2015, the government of Japan established the National Research and Development Agencies by transforming the former Independent Administrative Agencies for R&D, including JST. The National Research and Development Agencies have greater flexibility in institutional management based on the characteristics of R&D agencies while at the same time greater responsibility to maximize research achievements. On the occasion of institutional transformation, JST, as the core agency in the furtherance of Japanís STI, will further optimize its virtual network-based research institution structure and strive for higher achievements in contributing to the acceleration of Japanís growth strategies and realization of a sustainable society. In particular, the industrial and social structures may be reformed in connection with the development of ICT, and a new era shall emerge in the relationships between science and society. JST will take these changes as a significant opportunity and assume the lead in making innovative changes.

By making our long-held discerning competency and project management capability into strengths, JST will further develop forward-casting methods for expanding research results into the major innovations. We will also expand industry-academic-government and citizen-involved open innovation hubs and consolidate the back-casting method with a high regard for integrated-systems research and co-creation projects between science and society. Through these approaches, we will proactively develop young researchers and provide support for venture business startups.

In addition, we will construct the S&T information infrastructure for the fourth paradigm of science, that is, data-driven science, cultivate next generation human resources, accelerate communication between science and society, and be a pioneer in think-tank activities for STI policies. The purpose is to transform Japan into the best country to create innovation.

Transnational activities are taking place in politics, economics, research, education, and leisure around the world. JST will strive to contribute to S&T diplomacy and would like to be a reliable partner with other countries by globalizing our wide range of operations. We would highly appreciate your continued cooperation and understanding.