President’s Message

October 1, 2015

JST is an organization that has assumed a leadership role in developing both Japanese and global science and technology (S&T) as an innovation navigator. With this critical responsibility in mind, I will strive to fulfil my mission as the new President of JST and further promote collaboration with academia and industry.

Due to fast-paced development in information and communications technology (ICT), we have now reached a major turning point in the social and industrial structures—which we refer to as the fourth industrial revolution. In line with global trends, while foreseeing the future, we will pursue a rapid, flexible, bold approach toward becoming a powerful force in the new wave of technological development.

Realizing Game-Changing Innovation That Will Contribute to Establishing a Future Society

Coinciding with this turning point, we must consider all the aspects of the future society that we want to construct. For instance, the issue of an aging population and a declining birthrate will have a major impact on social functions and needs. While taking into account social phenomena and forecasting a future society based on evidence, JST will promote the creation of game-changing innovation and lead the world in scientific research.

  • Prioritizing the promotion of R&D leading to the realization of a super smart society (Internet of Things [IoT], big data, and artificial intelligence [AI])
  • Facilitating collaborative research between the social sciences and the natural sciences
  • Taking full advantage of data in order to maintain the infrastructure for transforming research into practical application in society, as well as advancing data accessibility

Enhancing Japan’s S&T Base through Development of R&D Personnel

S&T is supported by personnel; therefore, the development of human resources is a top-priority issue that must be addressed. In response to an environment where specialists from diverse fields are in great demand, I desire to introduce perspectives to all JST activities for training world-class scientists so that we dramatically improve our country’s R&D personnel in terms of quality and quantity. Looking forward to the future of this country’s S&T, we will also be dedicated to nurturing young people.

  • Intensifying development of new types of professional personnel in S&T (data scientists and managerial research personnel, including program managers [PMs] and university research administrators [URAs])
  • Cultivating personnel who have broad perspectives in not only the sciences but also humanities
  • Training young people and female scientists and encouraging them to be active in research

Constructing an Ecosystem in Which We Promote the Creation of Innovation

We need to construct an ecosystem in which we efficiently create innovation in order to make sure that achievements derived from research seamlessly lead to prosperity for all. Using JST’s strength in bringing industry, academia, and the government together, which is a unique feature of the agency, we will pursue a Japanese-style ecosystem to create innovation.

  • Constructing platforms for collaboration to create innovation between industry, academia, and the government, by making full use of JST’s networking functions to interactively link people and organizations
  • Creating top innovation from top-notch science by exercising our discerning expertise across organizations and sectors

In Closing

When attempting to promote JST’s approaches, we need to gain public understanding, trust, and support, all of which are basic premises. JST therefore recalls the phrasing science in society, for society once again, which was described in the 1999 Budapest Declaration. We will continue to encourage dialogue between the public and researchers and maintain accountability and transparency in a thorough and responsible manner. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

HAMAGUCHI Michinari, M.D., Ph.D.
Japan Science and Technology Agency