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Message from the President

President’s Message

It is approaching 20 years since the “Declaration on Science and the Use of Scientific Knowledge” was given at the World Conference on Science in Budapest, Hungary. To the existing concept of Science for Knowledge were added Science for Peace, Science for Development, and Science in Society and Science for Society - proclaimed as new scientific responsibilities for the 21st century. The declaration came amid fears we were struggling to maintain a healthy and sustainable society, the development of science and technology (S&T) bringing with it economic benefits but also various environmental problems. It was the first time that the social responsibilities of S&T had been clarified at a world conference.

In the spirit of the Budapest Declaration, our mission at JST is the realization of a sustainable society by promoting fundamental research in cutting-edge fields alongside research generating targeted social value. Since demands on S&T and the needs of society are becoming increasingly diverse, our objective under the “Hamaguchi Plan” has been to build JST into a network-type organization at the center of world-leading S&T innovations. This includes our JST-Mirai Program, linking government, academia and industry in high-risk, high-impact projects tackling the unique social and environmental challenges of this century.

The Hamaguchi Plan is now in its mid phase, our momentum taking us to exciting new places in S&T research. Yet we cannot achieve our goals alone. The World Conference on Science was attended by a community of around 1,800, politicians, journalists, scientists, engineers and other enthusiastic contributors. Likewise, we need a wide international network of S&T innovators in order to make a sustainable and livable society for all. We at JST look forward to working with our global partners in co-creating the kind of science-supported society first imagined with the Budapest Declaration.

Our sincere thanks for your interest and contribution, and letís make 2019 another year of responsible progress.

January 2019
President Michinari Hamaguchi